Talent Acquisition: Creating Your  Organization’s Strategy


Ready to win the war for talent?

Obtain the necessary skills and understanding to implement a talent acquisition strategy at your organization. Discover the benefits of workforce planning. Learn the steps to improve your candidate experience and employment branding. Explore recruiting and sourcing strategies for developing a diverse and inclusive talent pipeline. Reflect on case studies and newly-acquired expertise to apply what you learn to your organization.



This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • Build your talent acquisition strategy to attract top talent

  • Market an employment brand that positions your organization as an employer of choice

  • Incorporate workforce planning as part of the process for developing a robust talent pipeline

  • Expand strategies for recruiting and sourcing

  • Create a positive candidate experience

  • Evaluate and select candidates that are a right fit for your organization

  • Measure the impact of your talent acquisition strategy using metrics



SECTION 1: Introduction


SECTION 2: Talent Acquisition

  • Connecting talent acquisition to the “big picture”
  • The talent acquisition framework
  • Talent acquisition challenges and trends


SECTION 3: People Metrics

  • Goals of talent acquisition metrics
  • Aligning metrics with business strategy
  • Data-based decision-making
  • Sample metrics


SECTION 4: Employment Branding

  • What is an employment brand? Why have one?
  • Steps to improve employment branding
  • Marketing your employment brand


SECTION 5: Workforce Planning

  • Steps to create a workforce plan
  • Using workforce planning strategically
  • Creating a staffing plan


SECTION 6: Recruiting Strategy

  • Buy, build, and borrow
  • The manager intake
  • Creating a strategic recruitment plan


SECTION 7: Sourcing Strategy

  • Recruiting through social media
  • Candidate personas
  • Sourcing unique talent pools


SECTION 8: Candidate Experience

  • The candidate experience audit
  • Building on the candidate experience


SECTION 9: Interviewing

  • Writing behavioral interview questions
  • Interview rating scales
  • Looking at interview bias


SECTION 10: Evaluation and Selection

  • Candidate evaluation criteria
  • Creating a manager training


SECTION 11: Onboarding

  • Five onboarding activities
  • Sample onboarding models and tools


SECTION 12: Conclusion




Talent Acquisition: Creating Your Organization’s Strategy

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